this  is  how  we  get  you  a  sale 

Easy, Fast, Efficient & Cheap!

Easy & Fast


When you list your wine with us it participate in any request that comes to us from a wine buyer.

Listing a wine costs $60 and is valid for a year

Step 2

The data of all the requests from our wine buyers, and of your wines, are stored here. Nobody can see it  Only the buyer who wants your wine can see it.

All the Data is Stored in Our Database


Step 3

When you list your wine you should include whatever policies and marketing issues you expect the wine buyer to abide by.

This is important so that you do not get the wrong type of buyers contacting you.

Step 4

Our special Search Engine has the Algorithm that  enable it to evaluate your wines,  winery, marketing goals. Once done it will look constantly for wine buyers that search for the same type of wine as you have.our wines.

Your “Personal”
Search Engine

Direct Negotiation

Step 5

When the buyer decides he wants your wine, he will contact you directly and negotiate the deal with you.

We don’t participate and do not take any commission or any .additional fees!

Your Benefits

  1. All Your Wines Participate in Our Requsts – Once you are become member ALL your listed wines participate in sales requests

  2. Lots of New RequestsSome will look for exactly your type of wine

  3. Our Wine Buyers are Verified – We check the wine buyers and verify they are real and active

  4. Your Data & Identity are Hidden – Nobody (no winery or wine buyer) can see your data

  5. Buyers Judge by the Merits – The wine’s qualities not the marketing hype

  6. We Work while You Rest – Our unique search engine keeps looking for buyers who fit your needs

  7. Our Consultant Makes the Perfect Deal – Getting the right buyer for your specific wines & conditions.

  8. No Commissions, or Tax on the Deal – The buyer and you negotiate directly.

  9. Simple and Easy! – Registration is just $30, done in just a few minutes,  and you can list all your wines – FREE!